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“Roshesh Sarabhai means a lot to me; he’s a legend and an immortal,” he said. “- Rajesh Kumar

Actor Rajesh Kumar is, without a doubt, a fan favorite and industry icon. The actor has built a loyal fan following with his stunning performances in TV, film, and over-the-top (OTT) content, and his work is eagerly anticipated by his many followers.

Actor Rajesh Kumar recently chatted with TellyChakkar exclusively about his forthcoming projects and his wildly popular TV character, Roshesh Sarabhai.

Rajesh Kumar on the roles he most enjoys playing

Rajesh Kumar claims that because he has portrayed so many Gujarati characters on television, many viewers do not realize that he is originally from Bihar. People assume he is Gujarati because of his accent. Well, he wants to portray a mature, respectable Bihari, so that’s good. He anticipates them greatly because they will enrich the plot as a whole. He can’t wait for more portrayals of villains.

Rajesh Kumar, on still being mistaken for Roshesh Sarabhai

According to Rajesh Kumar, being called “Roshesh Sarabhai” is a huge honor. It’s been 20 years since he first met this person. He says it makes him both thrilled and amazed that people still think about something he did back in the beginning. He claims that Roshesh Sarabhai is beyond exceptional; in fact, he calls it “immortal” and “legendary.”

Rajesh Kumar discusses his next works.

Rajesh Kumar says that his fans will find out about the three movies he is working on by the year’s end. There are three OTT series starring him: seasons 2 and 3 of Kota Factory and Yeh Meri Family.

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