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renown of Bhagya Lakshmi Explaining his plans for this year’s Ganpati Bappa visit, Akash Choudhary

Yesterday was Ganesh Chaturthi, a Hindu celebration where many people display Ganpati statues in their homes for a full day, five days, or seven days. There were a lot of famous people there to welcome Bappa back.

Akash Choudhary, star of the show Bhagya Lakshmi, is just one of many. For the past seven years, the actor has brought Ganpati on set. During their talk, Akash learned all about the preparations that go into the festival, including how the idol was decked for this year.

I have always been content with whatever Lord Ganesh has given me,” Akash said. Nothing has ever been requested of me. But I know that even in your sleep you are praying for me, and every year I am granted my deepest desires. My goal from last year, to buy a home of my own, has been accomplished.

When asked about balancing work and Ganesh celebrations, Akash stated, “Well, it is difficult to manage shoot when I bring Bappa at home because I stay alone.” At this time of year, I request four days off from all of my employment. Decorating and preparing the prasad when your parents aren’t around can be challenging, but with faith, you can get through it.

There are a lot of my pals in town to see Bappa. Due to the difficulty of maintaining his presence, I only retain Ganpati Bappa for 1.5 days. Sometimes I’ll stay at a friend’s house for a week or more. When I’m stuck at home or someone else is unable to visit, we often use video chat to stay in touch. The one-colored, larger-than-life murti I purchase annually is the most beautiful to me. To add to the atmosphere of the murti, I decorate it with fresh flowers that are coordinated in color.

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