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With Maddam Sir 2, Gulki Joshi is set to make his on-screen comeback.

Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir was a fan favorite and critically acclaimed series that went off the air a few months ago.

The show’s major characters were played by Gulki Joshi, Yukti Kapoor, and Bhavika Sharma.

Jay Mehta and Kinnari Mehtaa, under the company name Jay Productions, are responsible for producing the show.

Within a matter of months, the show fell off the air and Gulki Joshi also took some time away from it.

The second season is currently in production, which is great news for the show’s loyal audience.

Gulki Joshi has confirmed the rumor by posting a shot of her character from the show with the message “Coming Soon” on social media.

That not only means season two of the program is in the works, but also that Gulki will be back in the lead role.

Now returned after a brief hiatus, Madam Sir continues to be one of the most popular comedies thanks in part to its high ratings.

The return of Gulki to social media has fans eagerly awaiting the premiere of season two.

How do you feel about the upcoming season?

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